Finding Great Italian Dining Options In Toronto

The options for Italian style dining in Toronto are almost limitless due to the influx of immigrants from that country who arrived in Canada during the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. For many of these immigrants, it simply made sense to leverage their knowledge of Italy’s incredible cuisine. Today, that tradition has been passed on to a new generation who are just as committed to providing a fabulous dining experience to both locals and visitors to the city.

One of the challenges of finding the best Italian dining experience in Toronto is that there is simply so much choice. It can be a daunting task. However, for those who want to enjoy a great Italian meal here are some suggestions for Italian restaurants Toronto that will not disappoint.

1. Ardo.

Rather than the pretentiousness that can be the hallmark of a superior dining experience Ardo’s provides a breath of fresh air courtesy of a relaxed and welcoming ambiance. This is not to say that the dining destination does not boast a sophisticated approach to the food that is served. Chef Roberto Marotta provides an inspired menu with an emphasis on Sicilian cuisine. Dishes such as the rich duck ragoût seasoned with Sicilian herbs and the mushroom gnocchi with stracchino cheese sauce and dollops of Black Truffle oil will delight even the most demanding of gourmands.

2. The Bricco Kitchen and Wine Bar.

If attractiveness and sophistication were any indications of the quality of a dining establishment then this destination would be up there with the best that Toronto has to offer. Fortunately, the promise of the decor and the ambiance is backed up by a wonderful menu. The rustic offerings are based on the cuisine of the Piedmont region of Italy, but many have been given a new lease on life with some well thought out twists. Presentation is flawless and the depth of flavors must be experienced to be believed. A fabulous example of a reinvented classic is the Antipasto Board. this features not only the standard fare – but also such delights as chickpea fritters and blue cheese stuffed dates- which compliment the breadsticks wrapped in delectable prosciutto. The braised rabbit is lovingly complemented by some of the best gnocchi in the city. The ever-changing wine list compliments the inventiveness of the dishes.

3. Cibo Wine Bar.

Rustic perfection combined with exceptiopnal wine choice provides guests with an experience that will not soon be forgotten. The ambiance is relaxed and the levels of service are exceptional. Start with the tuna tartare with lemon and avocado, twinned with Sicilian capers, fabulous olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Then move on to dishes such as the Chianti-braised short ribs or select one of the exceptional pizzas. Whatever you choose, the experience is bound to provide gustatory delight. The prices are refreshingly modest given the quality of the dining.

Toronto is a dining destination that offers fantastic choice, but for those who want to experience some of the best menus in the city a seat at one of the exceptional Italian restaurants that are scattered across the city is absolutely essential.