Inbound Marketing Ideas For Your App

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Marketing your app is important to ensure that it is seen by users and downloaded. There are many different methods of marketing that you should consider, but inbound marketing is vital to app success. There are a few inbound marketing ideas that you need to consider when you start developing your app.

Set Up Social Media

Social media is vital to marketing your app and you need to have a Twitter account and Facebook page for your application at least. While you are developing the app you can update the accounts with information about the progress. If you hit a road block in the creation process you can also ask your potential users what they suggest.

Your social media accounts will also help you highlight the reasons why your app should be downloaded. Having all of this information in an easy to share medium will help get the word about your app out there.

Create A Core Destination

Listing your app on the app stores is not enough anymore and you need to take ownership of the presence your app has online. If you already have a business website you should look at creating a page for your new app. However, if you want the app to be a stand-alone brand then you should create a website for it.

Having a website that offers users all the information they need about the app is a great way to consolidate all of your marketing. You can use your social accounts to send people to information on the website and from the website direct people to your app in the app stores. When you create a website for your app try and get a domain that has the name of your app in it. Adding get to the front or app to the end of the name can increase your chances.

Create Sneak Peaks

Sneak peaks are a great marketing tool for apps that are still in development or for when you are going to add new content to your app. A sneak peak allows the user to feel like they are in a special club and gives them the opportunity to see how the app will work. Videos are the best option for sneak peaks as they give your users a better understanding of what the app will do.

Listen To Early Customer Feedback

A lot of people do not realize that you can use early customer feedback as an inbound marketing strategy. The first few people who download your app and leave feedback are important because they are your window into what your users are looking for. If they have any issues you should look into it and respond to them. Good response from an app developer will increase the chances of your users recommending the app to their friends.

There are many ways that you can market your app from app store optimization to paid advertising. However, inbound marketing ideas are ideal because they are one of the organic methods of getting people to your app. Don’t forget that there are companies that will do this for you and has good info on this topic.