All About Mobile App Marketing – How Does It Work?

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If you are like most marketers who are new to the business, you are probably wondering how you can take advantage of the many mobile apps marketing, or more precisely, how you should take advantage of this new marketing method. In this article, we will show you how to do it so you can get started.

It all starts with you creating your own app. Why? Although the advertising networks of mobile apps do not require you to have an app in order to advertise (you can use your website as the landing page of your apps), the fact of the matter is that apps users who click on your ads are in the mood to use your own app. So, really, it’s all about following their train of thought. When you use your website as a landing page, they might click on the X button right away, wasting your money in the process.

Thankfully for you, creating an app is not that difficult as there are many companies and freelancers out there who create apps for a living. The only thing you need to do is create the basic architecture of your app like you would if you were building your own website. Make sure to identify goals or what you want your users to do while inside the app.

Once your app is ready, you are ready to advertise and places like Fort Point Title Business Blog can give you ideas on how to do that. There are many apps ad networks out there just as there are many pay-per-click advertising networks on Internet browsers. Many of them show ads in the paid search section (above the fold) of the apps marketplace and on free apps.
As we said before, there are many apps ad networks out there. How do you choose which one to hire? Well, you should start by asking these ad networks how many unique profiles they have in their database. We really do not need to tell you, but advertising is really a numbers game, the more people who see your ads, the better your chances of success. Thankfully for you, it does not cost you anything if a pair of eyeballs stares at your ads. It will only cost you if they download.

On that note of cost, how much does it cost to advertise? While the specific numbers vary from one network to another, you can expect to pay over $1 to $2 per download. You might think that is not much, however, the small amounts do add up when you have so many downloads. And we have seen marketers spend thousands of dollars on one campaign alone.

You can definitely save money by looking for marketing companies that charge per-action after a certain number of downloads has been achieved. For example, if over 50,000 people downloaded your app, the pricing structure changes so that you don’t get charged anymore if people download. You only pay if your users do the action you want them to do, like clicking on a link inside the app.